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23.12.2019 | Sustainability and Security | News, Event

Promotion of the publication "The City in Transition - From Ecological, Socio-Spatial, Architectural Change to а Sustainable City: Skopje Between Theory and Opportunities"

Which social processes influence certain changes in the city? How do these changes change the identity of the city?


07.11.2019 | EU Integration | News, Event

Republic of North Macedonia: European Perspectives, Vienna

On the October 15th, the Friedrich-Ebert Stiftung Regional Dialogue as well as Skopje Office collaborated with Renner Institute in Vienna to organize...


28.10.2019 | Equality and Social Justice | News, Event

Leading women from Building and Wood Working Industries’ Unions meet for the global conference in Skopje

The Friedrich-Ebert Stiftung Skopje Office together with Union to Union and Building and Wood Workers’ International (BWI), a global union federation...


28.10.2019 | Regional Programs | News, Event

Regional School for Diplomacy 2019: Building Bridges through Conflict Resolution in the Balkan Countries

The Prespa Agreement can be defined as a unique diplomatic achievement for conflict resolution and cooperation among different actors in the region.


24.10.2019 | Education and Youth Policies | News, Event

International Youth Conference

From the 26ths until the 30ths of September the Friedrich-Ebert Foundation supported the 17ths International Youth Conference organized by IYC...


15.10.2019 | Sustainability and Security | Publication, News

Critical Infrastructure - Concept and security challenges

All aspects related to the protection of critical infrastructure were discussed at the conference held on 02.10.2019 at the Alexander Palace Hotel in...


01.10.2019 | Regional Programs | Event

Grassroots Action for Green Change

As Western Balkan countries are striving towards sustainable development and integrating with western economies, many challenges require strong...


20.08.2019 | Sustainability and Security | News, Event

Sustainability Camp

The Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung Skopje Office together with Eco Logic, a non-profit organization that is dedicated to protection and conservation of the...


06.08.2019 | Event, Настани, Ngjarje

International Youth Conference

International Youth Conference - European values for the future of SEE countries.


25.07.2019 | Sustainability and Security | Event

Climate change in the focus of the 2nd Environmental Charter Meeting

The 2nd Environmental Charter Meeting highlighted the importance of developing ambitious climate policies through an inclusive process that targets...



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