Transparency, Digitalization and Efficiency in Public Services – Lessons from Hamburg

High municipal and central government representatives from Macedonia met with their counterparts in Hamburg, Germany in order to discuss and share ideas and experiences in innovative projects regarding e-mobility, digitization, sustainability and public administration efficiency.

In the period between 14th and 16th of June, Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung Skopje Office organized a visit of a delegation from Macedonia to the City of Hamburg (which is also a federal state in Germany). Represented by Dragan Tevdovski (Finance Minister), Edmond Ademi (Minister for Diaspora), Boris Georgievski (Mayor of the Municipality of Gazi Baba), Enver Maliqi (Deputy Mayor of City of Skopje), Nikolcho Ilijev (Mayor of the Municipality of Kochani) and other official government representatives, the delegation used the opportunity to meet the official representatives from both the Senate, the City and the Parliament of Hamburg, Knut Fleckenstein (Member of the European Parliament) as well as members of the Macedonian diaspora in Hamburg.

The meetings with official representatives from the City/State of Hamburg provided a platform for important future initiatives for cooperation in the fields of e-mobility and innovation, which could be of an instrumental support for the City of Skopje in its effort to join the European networks of Smart Cities. Extensive experience was also shared on the topic of reforming and digitization of public services by Falko Drossman, Sector-Mayor of Hamburg-Mitte. For a country like Macedonia which is trying to reduce pollution and to become more efficient in public spending, such initiatives are crucial for future development – points also addressed by the Finance Senator, Dr. Andreas Dressel.

During the discussion with representatives from the diaspora, their role in the international economic cooperation of the country, especially on bilateral level was emphasized. The possibilities of engaging the diaspora members in joint projects with the government could provide valuable opportunities for the national and local development policies.

The delegation had a chance to discuss German best practices in vocational training as a factor for economic development with Patrick Mаrtens, the Chief Executive of the Delegation of German Industry and Commerce in Macedonia (AHK).


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