Sustainable Development Goals & Youth

The first "Sustainability Camp" in Macedonia, organized by the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung Skopje office, Eco Logic and City of Skopje, took place last weekend (18-21.10.2018) in Ohrid.

 During the camp, the diverse curriculum provided young participants with considerable knowledge and discussion on the Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs 2030) developed by the United Nations. Through a series of activities, interactive tools and methods, the participants had an opportunity to develop a dynamic discussion about increasing challenges and opportunities that the ambitious but also essential Agenda of SDGs 2030 urges for. By identifying challenges arising from the immediate surroundings and daily life, the participants made significant recommendations, strategies and draft plans for addressing them through simultaneous implementation and monitoring of the goals of sustainable development.

“The understanding of SDGs 2030 at a local level and their application within the radius of movement and action of each individual is crucial. This means: where can each person make a difference in regard to the SDGs within a municipality, a school or a neighborhood.” - said Eva Ellereit, director of FES Skopje. She highlighted that the idea of a modern progressive society is to create a system, but also a culture that will protect the most vulnerable groups, as they will also be the ones most affected by climate change: “A good society should not be measured by how high individual potential and achievements can go, but rather how low one can fall without fault of their own. We believe in a society based on values that will protect particularly those individuals and groups of people.”


In the following period, participants are expected to present their ideas, recommendations and concrete plans for sustainable schools, neighborhoods and cities in front of a wider audience that will include representatives of schools, municipalities, civil society organizations in order to raise awareness about the significance of SDGs 2030 as well as confirm the role that young people can have in achieving the goals and creating positive changes in the society.


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