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Everyday heroines: The fashion show was not like any fashion show anyone had attended in Macedonia - fashion models were women-heroines from our everyday life who sent messages to the public.

  • Photo: FES Skopje

Photo: FES Skopje

Photo: FES Skopje

Photo: FES Skopje

Photo: FES Skopje

Mersiha Smailovic - lawyer/activist with her recognizable scarf-hijab, Luljeta Ademi an interpreter and together with her "crutch", Biljana - "Shtipjanka" and in the eighth month of pregnancy, Mihaela Ivanova, the youngest council-woman in the City Council of Skopje, grandmother Veska- a former nanny who is still in touch with the children of her work-life, Nita - daughter of an educational worker and active in the field of education of young people, Violeta Petkovska - an educator in a kindergarten and a mother of four children, Gaga - an economist and uber-shy , Doroti Pachkova -single mother and an artist , Biljana Trembelieva - a dentist with a wish that her two sons will become feminists, Ana Zafirova - a journalist and volunteer in the Special Olympics Macedonia, Ivana Vuchkova - the daughter of a textile worker from Kocani, Biljana Nastovska - a single mother and a feminist, Maja Ilioska - a cover girl for the ALSHAR brand and chocolate lover, Snezana Sani Bogdanovska - fashion journalist and image consultant, and Sara Milenkovska - politcologist and feminist walked and communicated their messages through their "measures".

Their "measures" were not their physical measures but measures to reduce gender inequality and reduce domestic violence that were presented through video announcements on the big screen in Kino Kultura. Through speakers such as Lence Ristoska (SJO/SPO), Margarita Ivanova (ZONTA), Ana Vasileva (Bori se zzenski), Uranija Pirovska (Macedonian Helsinki Committee for Human Rights of the Republic of Macedonia) and Louisa Vinton (High Representative of UN / UNDP) shared messages for unity, the struggle for gender equality and the eradication of gender-based domestic violence in Macedonia.

The Friedrich Ebert-Stiftung Skopje Office reiterated that this subversive use of events that are usually associated with the objectification of the woman as a subject will continue in the future until a genuine, true gender equal society in the Republic of Macedonia is established.

Each of the women's heroines wore a creation from the brand ALSHAR by Silvija Mihajlovska.


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