Friday, 03.11.17 to Sunday, 05.11.17

Investigative Film Festival Skopje

Festivals are always calls for celebration, and with the first edition of the Investigative Film Festival Skopje we aspired to celebrate ideas, courage and the neverending quest for truth.

Photo: FES Skopje

Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung Skopje in collaboration with PINA – Platform for investigative journalism and analysis, held the first ever Investigative Film Festival in Macedonia.

While dedicating a festival solely on investigative films is a rather recent concept, and IFFS is certainly the first of this kind in the region, channeling an investigative report onto the screen is a well-known and well-received method of journalistic storytelling. Documentary films and investigative exposés are often intertwined, and even beyond that, the success of feature films such as Spotlight and Citizenfour show that the public is eager to know the process that leads to uncovering the inconvenient facts.

The role of a journalist is never isolated from its surroundings, each and every inquiry, examination and investigation is rooted in society and every question raised is advancing our world, whether it affects millions of people or gives a voice to a single silenced individual. This is why we believe the screenings, workshops and discussions at IFFS will appeal to both professional and aspiring journalists, as well as audiences interested in truth-seeking storytelling.

As the focal point of the first edition of IFFS we chose the heroes among us – the whistleblowers, the courageous individuals who ignite change and shed much-needed light on the hidden maladies in all segments of society. 


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