Friday, 15.09.17 to Tuesday, 19.09.17 - Krusevo

International Youth Conference

Like every year, FES was proud to be once again part of the International Youth Conference in Krusevo.

  • Photo: FES Skopje

Photo: Boris Damjanoski

Photo: Boris Damjanoski

Photo: Boris Damjanoski

This year, youngsters from all over Europe came together to engage in debates and come up with new ideas and strategies for better youth policies. Following this years slogan “European values for the future of SEE countries”. Young people need European solutions that are translated into practice at the national level.

The International Youth Conference “European Values for the Future of SEE Countries” is response to the challenge. The involvement of those who are the subjects of the policies to be developed is essential if unintended consequences are to be effectively addressed.

Policymaking should be seen as a process which works with young people rather than for young people, if it wants to be successful in delivering solutions which support young people and are also responsive to their long term needs.


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