Critical Infrastructure - Concept and security challenges

All aspects related to the protection of critical infrastructure were discussed at the conference held on 02.10.2019 at the Alexander Palace Hotel in Skopje, aimed to initiate activities for strategy creation and adoption of a law on critical infrastructure protection.

A publication on critical infrastructure protection was also presented at the conference, whose contribution is expected raise public awareness on the need of effective protection.


The conference represents the final event within the project on the importance of protecting critical infrastructure in the Republic of North Macedonia. Official addresses were given by the Minister of Defense, Mrs. Radmila Sekerinska, the Minister of Interior, Mr. Oliver Spasovski, experts, professors, and representatives of the institutions dealing with the topic. Minister Sekerinska pointed out that it is the right moment to address this topic, right when the new defense law is prepared where for the first time concept of critical infrastructure is included.

Link to publication (PDF)


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